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Toyota Tacoma Engine 3.4 - $590

01-04 3.4 Headers

Other 3.4 Tacoma Parts

 SOLD Toyota Tacoma Automatic Transmission - $630


Automatic Transmission pulled from 5VZ 3.4 Toyota Tacoma that was in a roll over.
I believe it fits 2001- 2004 Tacomas. I'd imagine it can fit more (including 4Runners?).

Comes with:
Torque Converter and associated hardware
Flex Plate and associated hardware
Dipstick tube
Lower Bell housing plate
All sensors/switches in photos

I have the wiring harness for it (transmission) as well. I will consider including it if someone really needs it and they will be careful when removing it. See the last photo of the harness attached to the engine.

I purchased this as a package with an engine, although I don't need the automatic transmission since I have a manual. Previous owner told me it had around 160k miles on it.

Tacoma 4Runner 3.4 Liter V6 5VZ 3RZ 2RZ Transmisión Automática PreRunner Pre Runner 2WD 4WD 4X4 Auto 2.4 2.7 4 Cylinder Offroad 2001 2002 2003 2004 01 02 03 04

  SOLD Hornady LOCK-N-LOAD AP PROGRESSIVE press - set up for .40 S&W - $340

 After the big storm I had water come in the garage and we lost a lot. This unit was fortunately bolted to the bench out of the water in a plastic bag, but still received some flash rust. As of today it still functions without issues.

Includes (with prices to purchase new on Amazon):
Hornady LOCK-N-LOAD AP PROGRESSIVE press: $430
Hornady Powder Cop: $30
Hornady Shell Plate (357 Sig, 40 Smith & Wesson, 10mm Auto): $35
Lee Precision 40 S and W Carbide 3-Die Set: $32

I haven't loaded a single round with it (I use a single stage) and never wanted to sell it. But now I need to sell to replace things that were damaged in the storm.

 SOLD Ironbull Ford Bronco Bumper (Fits all ´90-96 Ford Bronco, F150 and F250) $1100 SOLD

Includes Warn PE8000 Winch and Lights!

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