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Gun Ban.....

"If we had less access to semi automatic, clip fed pistols and assault rifles, there would be less mass shootings." I would like to see evidence that supports that claim. "I am in sales and have always looked at everything from a numbers perspective" What numbers are you referring to? These that are provided by the FBI? Murder rate (per 100,000 people) in the US during the Assault weapons ban 1995(one year after ban started): 8.2 and 1996: 7.4. Let's fast forward to 2010(6 years after the ban expired): 4.8 and 2011: 4.7 . On the subject of magazine capacity. For 2011: California has a 10 round capacity limit with the following murder by firearm rate (per 100,000): 3.25. New York with the same 10 round limit: 4.12. Texas with no limit: 2.91 Oregon no limit: 1.05

AK-47 (7.62x39) Vs. AK-74 (5.45cx39):

There is a cornucopia of variety. It really depends on availability. Here is a small study of terminal ballistics. The key to stopping power is instability sooner in flesh. More. The 7.62 defeats barriers better. However the 5.45 can hold its own. 7.62 tends to retain stability and velocity better after penetrating barriers. I have a 7.62 rifle and the recoil gives me a solid feeling that I am accomplishing something. The 7.62 is more feasible for 100 yards or less(I am not saying you can't shoot farther, it's just not as practical). The 7.62 fills my niche better. When I shoot my friends 74, recoil feels crisp and clean. He swears by the 5.45 for even taking down large 200+lbs Texas hogs.

Why don't I like the Glock Light?:

The ergonomics seem awesome. It just baffles be that they would use an incandescent bulb that is a lower performer than an LED in almost every way (Battery life, Light output arguable, durability, Bulb life). It's safe to say that the incandescent bulb is the reason this doesn't compete well in the pistol light market. I certainly will never purchase it because of that reason.

Bullet Ballistics:

1)The majority of rifle bullets are inherently aerodynamically unstable. The 5.56 and 5.45 are designed to be more unstable. You can determine this by gathering data about the center of pressure. The farther aft the center of mass is from the center of pressure, the more unstable it is. Rifle rounds are spin stabilized. Flesh is a few hundred times more dense than air. Once the round experiences extremely fast deceleration the heavier rear end of the bullet is the easiest to influence causing it to "tumble".

2)A balanced bullet shot out of a barrel without rifling would follow a less predictable trajectory than an unbalanced bullet in a rifled barrel the farther the distance. All bullets have imperfections and any given surface provides lift or drag upon the instantaneous center of pressure which influences it in the same direction throughout it's flight out of a smooth bore causing it to be wildly off target.

Stopping Power:

That (comparing a physical push with muzzle energy) is the biggest mistake people make in regards to the power. The impulse of 118Ft/lbs from the bullet is much shorter(a micro fraction of a second) than that of you physically pushing someone(up to a second). Because of the significantly shorter time the round has that impulse it is much less power than if you where to push me with 118Ft/lbs.

 I have a fear of and have very little education on the future. The only sensible solution is to make legislation to ban it. Then follow by making unrealistic propaganda that demonizes it. -QS Mocking gun regulation

QuattroStig (Antoine) on KUHF Houston News:

New UH Student Club Wants Guns On Campus

QuattroStig (Antoine) in the official University of Houston Newspaper.

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